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  • Missouri Department of Revenue Selling Private Information

    From The Turner Report

    October 2009 trial date set for lawsuit against Missouri Department of Revenue

    An Oct. 13, 2009, trial date has been set for a lawsuit in which the Missouri Department of Revenue is accused of selling personal information about Missourians to internet databases.

    The lawsuit, filed in U. S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri, was filed on behalf of Emily Roberts, Jefferson City, and Sarah Smith, El Dorado Springs, and others whose privacy may have been violated. Named as defendants in the lawsuit are The Source for Public Data LP, doing business as publicdata.com, Dallas, Texas; Shadowsoft.com, Dallas, Texas; Omar Davis, director, Missouri Department of Revenue; and "Does 1 through 10. The "Does" are described in the petition as employees of the Department of Revenue who went along with these alleged actions.

    The lawsuit says Public Data and Shadowsoft bought the personal information from the DOR and sold it over the internet:

    Prior to February 20, 2008, co-defendant Shadowsoft acquired a large database of
    information from Mo. DOR on the pretense that the information would be used only for the legitimate business purpose of verifying the accuracy of information of individuals doing business with Shadowsoft.

    The information database acquired by Shadowsoft from Mo. DOR contained “highly restricted personal information”, including social security numbers, belonging to hundreds of thousands of licensed drivers in the State of Missouri.

    Upon information and belief, co-defendant Shadowsoft transferred the database
    in totum to co-defendant PublicData.

    PublicData then made the highly restricted personal information belonging to those individuals, unlawfully acquired from Mo. DOR, available for search and sale on its website, www.publicdata.com. In many instances, the information acquired by
    Shadowsoft from Mo. DOR and subsequently sold by PublicData on www.publicdata.com, included social security numbers.

    According to the petition, the action is being filed on behalf of all Missourians whose driver's license information was sold to the companies, and asks the judge to certify the lawsuit as a class action.

    The plaintiffs are asking for damages, costs, expenses, and attorneys' fees.

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    I wonder if there is any place that someone could determine if their records were included in the data that was sold...sure would be nice to know.


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      If your Driver's License has been renewed since Blunt took office, then the chances are your data was sold PC.


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        Where is the outrage? People, this is wrong. Just wrong.


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          I think the lack of outrage is simple. There is so much wrong, where do we focus the outrage? This last week, our government proved our rights mean nothing and they have the power to do as they will. And I got furious! But what did that accomplish? I think we've all realized writing our representatives does nothing. I think we're all realizing changing banks and places to shop changes nothing. I think I just don't really know where to go to affect change. Actually, I don't think we can affect change, politically. I just keep feeling like heading out of "the system" is the best direction anyone can go. Realizing my energy level is very similar to financial resources, as in only so much. I'd rather spend my energy sharing ideas for independence and establishing a refuge, than being outraged at "city hall" or Capitol Hill.
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            I understand how you feel.
            It was just a rehtorical question I guess, since I haven't really seen any public outrage on a truly serious issue for a long time and I guess there's no need for anyone to answer.


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              I appreciate the fact that you raised the question. I've thought a number of times, if there was another continent across another ocean, would I head out? The tax system and authority of King James couldn't hold a candle to what we are living under now!
              I think the (asterisks) in government are winning if they haven't won already!


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                People can learn to tolerate almost any indignity.

                Remember what the people of Germany put up with under Hitler and the people of the Soviet Union put up with under Stalin and so on and so on for several hundred dictators around the world. People are basically afraid of their Governments and so are the people of the United States. Be too outspoken and you lose your job, you have the IRS auditing you, your security clearance goes bye-bye, you end up on a watch list, your line of credit gets pulled, your kid loses his scholarship, your loans get called, your assessment goes up and any number of things that a vengeful government can do to an individual.

                If you don't believe that, then just take a look at what the City Administration of Neosho is proposing in their Charter Changes. Hell the people should be storming City Hall because of this "power grab" the City is attempting but no, everyone is going to just accept it in the end without anything other than a couple of letters to the editor and a couple of dissenting voices at a City Council Meeting. At the end of the day, nothing will change and the Powers that Be will do what they want and the people will whimper a bit and allow it to happen. The reality of the situation is that People deserve all the garbage that is heaped upon their head because they lack the courage to fight back.