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  • Is Nodler a Liar, Idiot, or Both?


    In a weekly e-mail of Feb. 3 that state Sen. Gary Nodler sent to
    his "e-mail list," he said in part: " ... The way Medicaid is run
    now, no one in the state knows the impact of proposed reforms
    because no one knows who is rightly and who is wrongly receiving
    benefits. We don't know because there are no zero eligibility
    verification processes in place. An applicant says they earn less
    than $1,000 a year, and Missouri assumes it to be true. This and
    other application information is taken as submitted, not verified at
    any stage, filed away in a drawer and the checks start coming. ..."
    Nodler knows not of what he speaks. I worked for the Family Support
    Division for just shy of 28 years, and let me assure you that there
    are eligibility verification processes in place for each and every
    program that the division administers. Income information is
    verified, and for those programs that have resource maximums,
    resources are also verified. I find it insulting that Nodler offers
    the above-quoted statements as fact.

    I am sure Nodler is feeling satisfied that he has done a fine job by
    voting to eliminate Medicaid coverage for about 100,000 people who
    currently have coverage. Keep in mind that these are low-income
    parents, seniors and the disabled. Nearly 70 years ago, FDR told
    Americans: "The measure of our progress is not whether we add more
    to the abundance of those who have much, but whether we provide
    enough to those who have too little." By the legislators' recent
    action to cut Medicaid, we now know how far Missouri
    has "progressed." We can "thank" Nodler for his part in
    Missouri's "progress." Shame, shame on Gary Nodler, Gov. Matt Blunt,
    and the rest of the legislators who are in favor of kicking those
    who are already down.

    Marsha S. Miller
    Webb City


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    Gary Nodler has been a Party Hack since his days with Gene Taylor Liberty, and he will continue to voice and vote the Party Line. Expect nothing more or nothing less from the guy.


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      I am not sure what he is other than a major disappointment. It is like he represents the KC and STL interests more than the people who elected him. If you want a good laugh listen to him tell you how it costs so much more to educate a kid in KC and STL than it does Southwest Missouri so they should get more state money sent to them and less to his constituents. He will be voting to send our tax dollars to KC-STL and leave our children out in the cold. What a cruel joke he is.


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        Nodler has visions of becoming Governor Mike and the urban area vote will be necessary for him in the persuit of that quest.


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          Things like that will stop when the populace becomes intelligent enough to look AWAY from the career politicians with higher political aims and starts nominating, electing and voting for people who have no higher aspiration than to fix what's in their own back yard and get back to private life.


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            So very true Scot. We need to start in the Congress with drastic term limits and an overall limit of twelve years in elected office on any level of government. Of course the best way to discourage the practice of professional politicians is to do away with any pension for serving in elected office.


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              Absolutely!!! AND insist on pay cuts so that it isn't lucrative to BE a politician.

              Most of them are in it for the pay raise, we all know it, they all know it. Time for US to smarten up and see them for what they are.


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                It is indeed time Scot, but it really is a losing battle because those there have already decided that the pension is their entitlement and the people would not dare take that away from them.


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                  I think we got the answer to the original question

                  at a movie theatre in Joplin at 1400 on Friday afternoon when our illustrious State Senator put a twenty year old nurse's aide in her place for having the audacity to bring a group of developmentally challenged adults to a movie. It seems the Senator did not appreciate these folks being there enough that he felt it was worth a confrontation with this young aide and eventually worth an attempt to get her fired from her position. I have to applaud the courage of our Senator for standing up to this bunch of people who "obviously had no business being out in public" and especially for standing up to this young girl who allowed these people to talk loud enough (prior to the start of the movie) that our Senator felt he had to take such a stand.


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                    And NOW, WE know who to NOT VOTE FOR. BYE NODLER. Kinda reminded me of Martin.


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                      If Nodler is going to gain even a miniscule amount of respect

                      he must turn over to charity the contributions from Rely on Your Beliefs equal to what he has received from them or at least to the amount Abramoff has personally donated to RYOB ($8,500)

                      I would suspect that there are other contributions that may be linked to Abramoff in the future.

                      The board of Blunt's Rely On Your Beliefs Fund has voted to contribute to charity an amount equivalent to Abramoff's personal contributions, $8,500, according to Blunt's spokeswoman, Burson Taylor.


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                        all right

                        sooner or later we are going to have to mention the elephant in the room...

                        I am referring to Roxie entering the race against Nodler.


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                          Well John, since the damned Democratic County Committees of Newton and Jasper Counties have failed us by not putting anyone on the ballot to run against Nodler, and have less than a week to do so, I suspect that I am going to have to vote for Roxie.


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                            BTW...getting back on topic

                            I vote for idiot.


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                              Is it any surprise he refuses to answer these questions?

                              Text of letter sent to state Sen. Gary Nodler
                              The Joplin Globe

                              Editor's note: The following is the text of a letter delivered by fax to state Sen. Gary Nodler, R-Joplin, on April 17. Nodler refused several requests for an interview, telling Globe Editor Edgar Simpson that he thought he had been intentionally misquoted by reporter Max McCoy in a previous story, but that he would answer questions from other reporters.

                              Simpson explained to Nodler that the newspaper stood behind McCoy's reporting on the story, which involved a verbal altercation between Nodler and an adult caregiver at a local movie theater, and that the newspaper's long-held policy is that the journalists who are doing the stories should ask the questions since they have the information to provide proper context and the background to ask appropriate follow-up questions.

                              Simpson offered to have the questions submitted in writing and to have Nodler's responses returned in writing, or to conduct an interview by e-mail, or to have the interview taped. Simpson told Nodler that these are traditional solutions to gathering information when interview subjects may feel uncomfortable, or when the subjects want a record of the conversation.

                              Nodler said he would decline to answer questions in any format.

                              Dear Senator Nodler,

                              Because you have declined my request for an interview, my editor has directed me to submit questions to you in writing. It is important that we have your responses as soon as possible for an upcoming story.

                              PACs and businesses contributed more than half of the $231,703 raised by the Elect Nodler Committee from 2001 to 2005. How much influence do these contributions have on your role as a lawmaker? How do you balance the interests of your constituents with the interests of the utilities, businesses and political committees that contribute to your campaign?

                              The Elect Nodler Committee has a balance of more than $100,000. To what do you attribute your fund-raising success? Why does your committee need so much money, and what do you intend to do with it?

                              The largest category of expenditures for the Elect Nodler Campaign has been contributions to the committees of other candidates. Who decides who gets what? Isn't this the kind of lawful "money laundering" that you have recently criticized?

                              Tom Flanigan is the treasurer of the Elect Nodler Committee, and Joncee Nodler is the deputy treasurer. Does the committee have any other officers? If so, who?

                              Approximately $20,000 of contributions to the Elect Nodler Committee from 2001-2005 are from individuals who gave more than $25, but no employer or occupation information is given in reports to the MEC (Missouri Ethics Commission). Isn't the failure to list this information a violation of the state's financial disclosure law?

                              Nick Myers has said the Nodler Leadership PAC was created to promote your leadership philosophy. What is that philosophy?

                              What is your association with the Nodler Leadership PAC? Do you attend meetings? Who decides how this money is spent? How much influence do the PAC's contributors have on your role as a lawmaker?

                              Bill Gipson has said he is chair of the Nodler Leadership PAC, and named the other officers as Rudy Farber, Gary Duncan and Nick Myers. Are there other officers?

                              How much influence do you have in the 32nd Senatorial District GOP Committee? Do you attend committee meetings? Do officers of this committee confer with you about fund raising and spending?

                              You are one of the many co-sponsors of SB 1254, which, among other things, would increase the number of reports candidates file during election years and would even require reports every 24 hours in the last weeks before an election. Yet, in your own campaign disclosure reports, you have been late in reporting activity (a $2,048.50 expenditure made July 13, 2002, for television advertising, for example, wasn't reported until Oct. 12, 2002). Aren't your actions inconsistent with the spirit of the legislation you have co-sponsored?

                              SB 1254 would also end limits to campaign contributions. "Because these kinds of contributions have essentially been lawfully laundered," you have said, "the public is unaware of the money source." Yet, the Elect Nodler Committee has both contributed to and taken money from legislative committees. Isn't this participating in the same money laundering scheme you criticize?

                              The local Democratic chairman has said that no candidate could be found to run against you in 2006 because you appeared "unbeatable" due to your political influence and the money in your campaign war chest. What is your reaction to this comment?

                              Are you surprised at running unopposed?

                              Have you identified the priorities for your last term in office?


                              Max McCoy

                              The Joplin Globe